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Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry
Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, Copper Wire Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, Copper Jewelry, Bronze Jewelry

Eco Friendly Jewelry: This eco friendly jewelry is created totally from recycled fine silver and recycled glass.  The recycled glass comes from shattered safety glass, broken patio table glass and old blue canning jars. The eco friendly jewelry is set in fine silver which is 99.9% pure silver. Fine silver jewelry with recycled  eco friendly green glass . . . a very unique combination resulting in eco friendly jewelry in elegance fine silver.

Fine Silver Jewelry: Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. Many of the fine handcrafted silver jewelry pieces are made from real leaves, corn husk, seed pods, shells, insect wings and anything else I find interesting in nature. The silver chain compliments the handcrafted silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry: All of the Sterling Silver Jewelry is handcrafted sterling silver wire jewelry. The sterling silver chain enhances the eco friendly jewelry and the fine silver jewelry.

Copper Jewelry: The Handcrafted Copper Jewelry is made of heavy gauge copper wire, natural gemstones, metal clay and sheet metal. Twisting and sculpting the wire into copper wire jewelry gives an elegant appearance to this very warm, earthy copper jewelry. Copper jewelry is becoming more popular because of its earthy quality and affordable price.

Dichroic Glass Jewelry: Dichroic Glass Jewelry is three layers of glass fused in a kiln the middle layer consists of microscopically thin layers of metal oxides fused to glass such as chromium, silicon, titanium, aluminum and zirconium. The metal oxides give it interesting patterns of glitz and glitter.

Hair Pins/Scarf Pins: The unique feature about these pins is that they can be used for scarf pins or hair pins. The choice is yours. I make the Scarf Pins from brass, copper and nickel silver. All Scarf Pins have their own unique appeal and are one-of-a-kind.

Enjoy browsing my collection of handcrafted silver jewelry, eco friendly jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, copper wire jewelry, silver chain, copper jewelry and scarf pins.

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